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  • Schools for Schools — is a fundraising program created by the nonprofit Invisible Children Inc. The goal of the program is to have students and schools in the western world creatively compete to raise money and rebuild schools in northern Uganda, a region whose… …   Wikipedia

  • Schools of economic thought — describes the multitude of academic approaches toward economics throughout the history of economic thought. While economists do not always fit into particular schools, particularly in modern times, classifying economists into schools of thought… …   Wikipedia

  • Schools' Challenge — is the national general knowledge competition for schools in the United Kingdom. It uses the same basic rules as University Challenge, although it is affiliated with neither the game nor the television show.Schools Challenge has been running… …   Wikipedia

  • Schools in Chennai — are either run publicly by the Tamil Nadu government, or run privately, some with financial aid from the government. Students in Chennai schools have almost consistently come toppers in the national CBSE examinations.Fact|date=June 2008The medium …   Wikipedia

  • Schools of Japanese tea ceremony — refers to the various lines or streams of the Japanese Way of Tea. The word schools here is an English rendering of the Japanese term ryūha (流派). an SenkeThere are three historical households (家) directly descended from the 16th century tea… …   Wikipedia

  • Schools J-Link — was founded in 2000, and since then, they have become the only organisation of its kind to operate on a national basis. It is a branch of Aish HaTorah s UK operations, enabling Jewish students in secular education to start Jewish societies.Events …   Wikipedia

  • Schools Curriculum (India) — Schools Curriculum= International Curriculum Schools* The schools having IGCSE / IB Programme from Pre primary to Grade 10 and IGCSE / IB from Grade 11 to Grade 12. National Curriculum Schools* The schools having CBSE / ICSE board from Pre… …   Wikipedia

  • Schools Fantasy League — (SFL) is a fantasy football competition whereby teachers and pupils worldwide compete within their school to win trophies and medals. Last season over 115,000 boys and girls, of all ages and abilities, in over 2,200 schools, took part. The game… …   Wikipedia

  • Schools of Buddhism — The Schools of Buddhism. Buddhism is classified in various ways. The normal English language usage, as given in dictionaries, divides it into Theravada (also known by the name Hinayana, which many consider derogatory) and Mahayana. The most… …   Wikipedia

  • Schools Spectacular — The Schools Spectacular is an Australian variety show featuring more than 3000 young students and is performed annually at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Highlights of the Schools Spectacular are broadcast each year by the Australian… …   Wikipedia

  • Schools in Kuwait — Below is a list of notable high schools in Kuwait. Most schools in Kuwait are public schools which educate in the Arabic language. There are however a few schools which run under British, American and French systems, or a combination of languages …   Wikipedia

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